10 Common Causes of House Fires

10 Common Causes of House Fires

Today we are going to talk about how to prevent a house fire. As a professionally experienced fire damage restoration company , we are here for you when disaster strikes, but really we don’t want you to have to go through the experience of losing your home or sustaining damage to your property. Here are some common causes of house fires and how to prevent them.

Cooking Equipment

Even if you are a great cook, if you happen to get distracted and leave something in the oven for too long or leave the stove on, a fire could accidently occur; kitchen fires are some of the hardest fires to cleanup after—not that you needed extra incentive to prevent a fire. In most cases, kitchen fires are the result of carelessness. To prevent a kitchen fire:

  • Cook at a time when you can devote your full attention to what you are doing
  • Set timers and, if you don’t stay in the kitchen, take them with you
  • Always double check your stove, oven, toaster oven, and other heating appliances to make sure they are off before you leave the kitchen and your home.

Smoking in Bedrooms

Cigarette butts that are left to smolder in bedrooms are one of the leading causes for deadly house fires. Usually, fires in bedrooms start by a cigarette that comes into contact with furniture or draperies that then catch fire. The best plan of action is avoid smoking in your bedroom. However, if you must smoke in your bedroom, place cigarettes in a safe, non-flammable area, away from pets and possible extreme sleep-induced movement.

Electrical Equipment

Any electrical appliance or equipment can start a fire. Appliances that use heat to accomplish a task such as a toaster or iron, if not turned off, can start a fire, but even appliances that don’t use heat can as well. Frayed cords, overworked extension cords can spark a fire as well. To avoid a fire caused by an electrical appliance:

  • Use these appliances when you have your complete attention on what you are doing
  • Double check that they are off before leaving the room or house
  • Unplug after use
  • Replace appliances or cords that are frayed
  • Consider a larger extension cord or use multiple plugs


Candles can be incredibly useful to rid your home of unpleasant smells and they can add relaxing or romantic ambiance to any room. However candles left unattended can be the starter of a house fire. The best way to avoid a house fire when using candles is to:

  • Place them away from other flammable objects that could catch fire
  • Set an alarm to remind you to blow them out later
  • Use battery operated candles as an alternative, especially if you have children or pets who may accidentally knock a candle over or push it near a flammable object

Conclusion of Part 1

These are just a few of the ways that house fires can start. In some cases, a fire is accidental and can not be avoided. However there are many steps that we can taken to avoid and reduce the chances that a fire could engulf our homes. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about five more ways that fires can start in your home and how you can avoid them. If you want to learn more about fire safety, fire damage restoration, or about any of our other services, be sure to check out our blog archive.

Emergency Response

If you have recently become the victim of a house fire, call Bio Star Restoration! We are a fire damage restoration company who not only has the expertise and tools to help you pick up the pieces after a fire, but also care and consideration for our clients. We truly hope that you never experience seeing a room or your entire home engulfed in flames, but if disaster strikes, we are here for you. Visit our website to learn more about our fire damage restoration services that we offer and contact us now!