Mold Remediation Process

Mold Remediation Process

Dealing with a mold infestation can be a particularly annoying (not to mention dangerous) situation. Nothing adds to stress levels more than having a brusque individual coming into your home and not explaining what it is that they actually intend to do. Instead of leaving you in the dark, here is the mold remediation process laid out in the plainest terms possible:


This two part process is crucial to the long term health of your property. Technicians will first identify the types of mold that make up the infestation, and determine if anyone is in immediate danger from exposure. Once safety is ensured, the source of the mold causing moisture will be sought out. It would be pointless to remove mold and not the source; it would lead to a repeat process that no parties involved want to deal with.


The next step is to ensure that the infestation cannot grow both prior to and during the removal process. This mostly involves utilizing specialized plastic sheets to seal off certain rooms; but can also involve special chemicals that create an invisible barrier around the infected area. The use of these chemicals usually requires the evacuation of the business or residence, so be prepared for that.


It’s finally time to remove the infestation once and for all. Technicians will often start by agitating spores in infected areas and using special equipment to filter them out of the air as quickly as possible. From there, some special chemicals and elbow grease are used to remove the mold at its source to ensure that regrowth is not an option. Repair: From time to time, the infestation is so overwhelming or greatly hidden that furniture, walls, and floors need to be removed to prevent the further spread of the mold. When this happens, a reputable company will repair any damage that they caused during the cleanup process.

Once repairs are complete, your property is once again inspected and then declared safe to be re-entered. That’s it! The mold remediation process is very simple, and can be completed fairly quickly when performed by experienced license professionals.