4 Top Causes of Water Damage

4 Top Causes of Water Damage

Thankfully, in most cases, water damage doesn’t occur on a catastrophic level. If you experience water damage, you will hopefully and most likely experience it on a much smaller scale. We hope you never need the assistance of a water damage restoration company. However, if you do, it could happen to you in these ways.

Burst or Leaking Pipes

Pipes and faulty plumbing is often the cause of water damage. If you have an older home, it is best to see how old pipes are holding up and to upgrade to more modern materials. Also, be sure that your pipes are staying warm enough. Pipes that have frozen are a major cause of residential water damage. Backed up drains and toilets can also be some main culprits of water damage, as well as backed up sewer drains.

Plumbing Problems

Other plumbing problems can be the cause of water damage as well. The most difficult water damage to spot is that which happens unseen in the walls, under the sink, and other places considered “out-of-sight-out-of-mind.” Staying up-to-date on home maintenance, keeping things that shouldn’t go through your plumbing out, and clearing your sewer lines of tree roots can save you hundreds of dollars and the grief of water damage.

Malfunctioning Household Appliances

Appliances that utilize water to perform their tasks can be the culprits of water damage found in many homes. Cracked washing machine pipes, a warped dishwasher, an old water heater, the ice maker on your fridge are all culprits that cause water damage. To avoid damages caused by these appliances, keep up with appliance maintenance and replace old tubing and other parts that tend to wear out and cause leakage.

Issues in Your Crawl Space, Basement, or Attic

The basement, crawl space, and attic can all be places where water damage can easily occur and continue to damage your home without your knowledge. These are the places where pipes can easily begin to leak without our knowledge. Air leakage can allow outside moisture to get in, and seeping of underground water through cracks in the basement foundation can all cause slow or fast-acting water damage.

If you think your home might be compromised in anyway, be sure to get those issues addressed right away. However, if you are already suffering from damage call our water damage repair experts today.