Basic Flood Recovery Safety

Basic Flood Recovery Safety

If you’re like most flood victims, the first thing you want to do after a flood is get the place clean and back to normal, however safety must be a priority. Whether the flood was caused by a sewer backup, faulty plumbing or natural disaster, any water left standing can become a safety hazard and a petri dish of bacteria. The flood recovery process can be made a little safer with a quality flood recovery specialist on your team. They’re trained to handle flood conditions safely, minimize and repair any damage and ensure the stability and safety of your property.

Whether you hire a flood recovery team or try to handle the clean up on your own, any standing water must be removed before cleaning. So don’t rush the process until you’re sure the condition causing the flood is gone. Flood waters caused by natural disasters are notorious for receding only to return in a day. Check all local reports before beginning any kind of cleanup. Also depending on how long your property was water logged there may be some damage to the foundation or support structures. Be sure to have the structural integrity of the property examined if the flood was severe.

So once the water is gone and the property has been deemed safe for reentry the cleanup can begin, but safety concerns are still paramount. Flood recovery specialist are trained to protect themselves and your property from contaminated flood waters, however if you decide to go it alone at the very least, ensure that you and anyone helping you has access following basic gear.

  • Safety glasses
  • Face mask
  • Rubber gloves
  • Clean wash water and soap
  • Hand wash soap

While working in a flood area, always wear your face mask and goggles to prevent water from splashing into your eyes and mouth. The number of harmful microbes that thrive in standing water will shock you. Be careful.

Although flooding can happen anywhere, because of the climate and landscape, southern US states are more susceptible to dangerous flood waters than others. However no matter where you reside anyone tackling a flood cleanup must use basic safety precautions.