Flood Water Safety : Pathogens

Water damage can occur in a variety of ways: a dripping pipe or a deluge of catastrophic proportions. No matter the circumstance, don’t wait. Call us as soon as possible! The water damage repair contractors are available to help you day or night.

Flooding and Waterborne Pathogens

Today, on our blog we are going to be talking about flood water safety. There is a lot more to talk about in regards to flood safety than we covering in this particular post. We highly encourage you to investigate flood safety on your own to make sure that you are safe if a disaster should strike. What we are going to talk about is how to stay safe when your home floods, and specifically how to avoid the dangers of waterborne pathogens.

Water Isn’t Always Clean

In some cultures, water is always considered to be clean. Water without any other cleansers is used to wash anything from pots and dishes to bathrooms. However, water isn’t always clean. In many cases, it can be filled with harmful substances as well as bacteria and other pathogens. If you’ve ever been told not to drink the water, this is why. You will be ingesting harmful substances and critters that will, at the very least, give you a stomach ache and digestive upset, and could give you serious health conditions. Before you wade into standing water, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

What’s In the Water?

So what is in the water? It depends on the source of the water. However, common infectious organisms that can be found in contaminated water include E. coli, Salmonella, Shigella; Hepatitis A virus as well as agents of typhoid, paratyphoid, and tetanus according to an OSHA article. If these names sound familiar it’s probably because you’ve heard about them on the news or received shots that can help prevent these types of infections. All of these pathogens are nothing to take lightly even if you’ve gotten the proper shots to avoid various ones. It’s best to always steer clear.

How Do I Stay Healthy?

If you find yourself in a flooding situation in your home, do not wade into the water. Even though it’s your home, you don’t know what’s in the water till you discover the source of the water and even then it is best to stay out. Exposure to these pathogens can occur if you wade into the water and scrape your leg or if you consume affected food or water. To put it simply, stay out of the water. Leave that to the professionals and don’t drink the water. If items are exposed to flood water don’t eat them, use them to serve or fix items that you or someone else intend to consume.

Whenever you are faced with a flooding situation in your home, always call the professionals. When you need help in your home, call us today! We are available day or night to take your call and help you get back on your feet.